[Teched Sessions Suggestion] Microsoft Command Shell (or .NET Eye for the Sys Admin Guy)

Below is a session submission for Teched New Zealand/Australia 2005 if you are interested in the other submissions or other details please see: http://blogs.msdn.com/charles_sterling/articles/345959.aspx

Session Title: Microsoft Command Shell (or .NET Eye for the Sys Admin Guy)

Session Abstract: This sys admin focused session introduces  the Microsoft Command Shell (also known as Monad) and looks at its
architecture and features and shows what it can offer to system administrators who want to automate their infrastructure operations.

The session also delves into what is involved in extending the capabilities of the command shell by building Cmdlets which can participate in the processing pipeline.
Track: Management and Operations

Session Level: 300

Speaker: Mitch Denny

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  1. I am ragarding about longhorn command shell seriously

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