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[Teched Sessions Suggestion] Internal Architecture of SQL 2005

Session Title:   Internal Architecture of SQL 2005

Abstract:   Whether you’re a developer or a DBA, the more you know the internal of your RDBMS the more empowered you are to develop, tune or troubleshoot your environment. This session would focus on the internal architecture of SQL Server 2005, focusing on the differences between earlier versions and the lastest release. We would focus on: – Internal Structures (Pages, Extents, etc) – RDBMS Architecture – UMS Scheduling – Memory Utilisation – Relevant Configuration Parameters – File/Filegroup differences – Fast Recovery – Data Partitioning – Indexes – Snapshot Isolation – DBCC Commands – New sp_Configure options – (Database Mirroring) This will allow developers and DBAs to take advantage of the new features and streamline development, backup strategies, performance.


Speaker:  Victor  Isakov

Level: 400