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[Teched Sessions Suggestion] Advanced IIS Troublehooting/Debugging.

Session Title: Advanced IIS Troublehooting/Debugging.

Level: 400   

Abstract: This session aims to equip attendees with a detailed knowledge of IIS6 architecture, including the IIS processing pipeline and ISAPI. Building on this, attendees will be shown tools useful to troubleshooting IIS web application issues, and also debugging tools that are sometimes necessary to perform root-cause analysis.

Suggested outline:

a) IIS 6.0 Architecture (http.sys, kernel mode cache, web application pools


b) [optional] Key differences between IIS6 architecture and IIS5 (for situations where applications work in IIS5, but not in IIS6)

c) Troubleshooting tools: AuthDiag (for Authentication and Authorization issues, including Kerberos delegation issues, which always seems to be a problem), SSLDiag (for SSL issues)

d) Debugging IIS and associated tools: IIS Crash/Hang Agent, IISDump -or- IISState (or similar tool) How to use the tools. How to examine a thread stack. Common issues and how they manifest themselves (eg failing to set VB “retain in memory/unattended execution”, dlls unloaded themselves prematurely, server-side message boxes)

e) [Optional] Use of WinDBG to examine a memory dump obtained
Speaker: Ken Schaefer