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[Teched Sessions Suggestion] eXtreme .NET: Introducing eXtreme Programming Techniques to .NET Developers

Below is a session submission for Teched New Zealand/Australia 2005 if you are interested in the other submissions or other details please see: http://blogs.msdn.com/charles_sterling/articles/345959.aspx

Title: eXtreme .NET: Introducing eXtreme Programming Techniques to .NET Developers

Abstract: Dr. Neil will introduce a number of extreme programming techniques to the audience through the use of code demos. Neil will be programming live through the session to uncover some of the issues that are faced by software developers today and how to solve them. The focus of the session will be on actions developers can take right now to improve the quality of their code and their productivity. Specific techniques that will be introduced include:

  • Pair Programming
  • Breaking problems down into small tasks
  • Automating the build process
  • Test Driven Development
  • Refactoring

Along with exploring what developers should be doing now, Neil will cover some of the tools in Visual Studio 2005 that can help.


Level: 200

Speaker: Dr. Neil Roodyn