[Teched Sessions Suggestion] eXtreme .NET: Introducing eXtreme Programming Techniques to .NET Developers

Below is a session submission for Teched New Zealand/Australia 2005 if you are interested in the other submissions or other details please see: http://blogs.msdn.com/charles_sterling/articles/345959.aspx

Title: eXtreme .NET: Introducing eXtreme Programming Techniques to .NET Developers

Abstract: Dr. Neil will introduce a number of extreme programming techniques to the audience through the use of code demos. Neil will be programming live through the session to uncover some of the issues that are faced by software developers today and how to solve them. The focus of the session will be on actions developers can take right now to improve the quality of their code and their productivity. Specific techniques that will be introduced include:

  • Pair Programming
  • Breaking problems down into small tasks
  • Automating the build process
  • Test Driven Development
  • Refactoring

Along with exploring what developers should be doing now, Neil will cover some of the tools in Visual Studio 2005 that can help.


Level: 200

Speaker: Dr. Neil Roodyn


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  1. I’d love to see this session. I’d also like to see some coverage of how these techniques can be introduced to organisations which historically have had a long maintainence tradition in software.

  2. Sounds like a good idea to me.

  3. Hello Peter,

    In your email you mentioned:

    "I really have to protest about the extreme programming session, I don’t think it belongs in TechEd"

    I agree with you, my vision of TechEd is a Microsoft technology conference not a Team environment methodology workshop.

    So if left up to me i would not have considered it -and in this case we agree 100%. If are to be the only two people at Teched i think we have it figured out<g>

    You also state:

    "at least certainly not within the dev track."

    Once again in total agreement with you. If the other 5,000 people that come to Teched disagree with us and really want this session i would almost certainly put it in the architecture track -and since i know Neil, also have him show how VSTS enables XP.

    Long Story Short i created my blog to gather this feedback to put together an agenda you want…

    At the End of February I will collate the feedback and start putting the sessions stack ranked into tracks

    -which should prove VERY interesting as that is when you will have to decide things like: "Is Avalon really more important to me than Clickonce."



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    >After reading the list below I really have

    >to protest about the extreme programming session, I don’t think it

    >belongs in TechEd, at least certainly not within the dev track. The dev track

    >should be kept technical, the more evangelical things like development methodologies

    >should either be eliminated or kept for a management track, preferably

    >eliminated as it is not a technology or product, let alone a MS one. Personally

    >I want to see more hardcore technical stuff, it would be a shame to clutter

    tracks with topics like that.

    Is there a seperate track for Methodology? I don’t think so. It’s a very

    important subject and I was quite thrilled to see it on the list. I’m, not sure

    where else you would put it at TechEd… maybe on the end of the bungy atop the

    sky tower?

    Remember the VS.Net 2005 has support for MSF Agile out-of-the-box so there is a

    tool/technology angle to this.


    Peter G Jones

    Microsoft .Net MVP

    Christchurch, New Zealand




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