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[Teched Sessions Suggestion] Enterprise Resource Management with Active Directory

Below is a session submission for Teched New Zealand/Australia 2005 if you are interested in the other submissions or other details please see: http://blogs.msdn.com/charles_sterling/articles/345959.aspx

Title:  Enterprise Resource Management with Active Directory 

Abstract: Active Directory provides powerful and flexible methods for managing servers and resources in a single information store that is globally accessible throughout an enterprise. Knowing how and when to use the directory effectively lets you develop applications that safely and conveniently store infrastructure information without the need for Registry entries, configuration files, or database tables, all of which can be difficult to manage and deploy. The following topics will be covered: ? Creating computer accounts ? Discovering Flexible Single Master Operations (FSMO) servers ? Discovering domain controllers ? Discovering group policy objects ? Publishing service connection points ? Creating custom resource classes and attributes ? Managing replication latency ? Discovering printers ? Discovering sites and servers ?

Speaker:  jamie Vachon