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Teched Australia 2005 Session Input

The interest in TechEd Australia 2005 has been pretty incredible; I have already received over 10 submissions from local would be presenters.

For 2005 I would like the TechEd Session Selection criteria much more a community driven process and thought I could create a separate blog entry for each potential session and let you comment, suggest alterations, make requests etc. –Unfortunately this will be over 200 entries as we go through the final selection of the final ~100 sessions that will make up our agenda so if it does become too noisy let me know and I will figure out a better way…


1.    Session Title: Advanced Smart Client Deployment Session Level: 300 Session

2.    Understanding the Exchange Store

3.    Smart Hosting for Smart Client Applications

4.    Building Multi-threaded Mobile Applications

5.    Building Effective Enterprise Mobile Applications

6.    Avalon for Windows Forms Developers

7.    Mainframe Integration for .NET Developers with HIS

8.    Microsoft Command Shell (or .NET Eye for the Sys Admin Guy)

9.    Enterprise Resource Management with Active Directory

10.eXtreme .NET: Introducing eXtreme Programming Techniques to .NET

11.Introduction to OpenNetCF?

12.Overview of Open Source .NET Versions Mono/Portable .NET/Rotor…


Abstracts and session details to follow in other entries.


Thanks and hope you all had a great news eve!