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Content by Charles Sterling

Visual Studio 2005/VB.NET changes My.Webservice name if duplicate methods are added

For what it is worth, if you add a WebService that has a duplicate WebMethods, Visual Studio 2005/VB.net prefaces the Methods (new and existing) with “projectname” then the WebService DNS name rather than the default “WebService” name -so any existing calls to the original method will fail until they are “re”referenced correctly.   Case in point: 

Me.Text = My.WebServices.WebService.HelloWorld

Would become the following if i added another webservice with another method called “HelloWorld()”: 

Me.Text = My.WebServices.mytest1_localhost_WebService.HelloWorld

and in my example the WebServer DNS name was also named “localhost” so the call to the new “Helloworld” method would look like: 

Me.Text = My.WebServices.mytest1_localhost1_WebService.HelloWorld

Hope this helps somebody!