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Teched Australia and New Zealand 2005 Details

Teched Australia 2005 will be August 31-Sept 2nd on the beautiful Gold Coast. New Zealand is tentatitvely scheduled to run Mon 29th – Wed 31st and likely be in Auckland  The tracks will be the same for both Australia and New Zealand and as the content owner for both events I am suggesting we go with the following… Read more

Microsoft Partner Product DVD for Australia

I have had several requests from Australian’s for the Microsoft Partner DVD as advertised at: http://msdn.microsoft.com/vstudio/extend/partnerdvd/ If  you would like one of  these DVD’s -and you live in Australia -make sure and attend the free Security Event as we will be giving them out to the attendees or if you live in a outlying area drop… Read more

Visual Studio 2005/VB.NET changes My.Webservice name if duplicate methods are added

For what it is worth, if you add a WebService that has a duplicate WebMethods, Visual Studio 2005/VB.net prefaces the Methods (new and existing) with “projectname” then the WebService DNS name rather than the default “WebService” name -so any existing calls to the original method will fail until they are “re”referenced correctly.   Case in point:  Me.Text = My.WebServices.WebService.HelloWorld Would become the following if… Read more

Cairns User Group Meeting Feb 9th

For anybody in the Northern Queensland region Feb 9th we are having a Cairns User Group meeting.  *************** The first meeting of the Cairns Software Developers Forum will be held at the Cairns Cruising Yacht Squadron and Wednesday the 9th of February at from 2:00PM until 5:00PM followed by “light refreshments”, courtesy of Microsoft. Please… Read more