Power BI

Content by Charles Sterling

Power BI Advisors, PowerApps and Flow Advisors are getting updated!

Thank you for your interest joining the Power BI, PowerApps and or the Microsoft Flow Advisors group.  In an effort to be even more transparent and a tighter connection with the community will be making some changes to the program.

While in this transition period, we are no longer accepting new participants to the Power BI, PowerApps and Flow Advisors group.

There are many other opportunities to engage in the PowerApps and Microsoft Flow Community and we have listed some below: 

  • You can engage in the public PowerApps and Microsoft Flow Community Blog. (note: You can author your own blog posts here too.)
    • PowerApps Community Blogs here
    • Microsoft Flow Community Blogs here
  • You can give feedback by adding or commenting on a PowerApps and Microsoft Flow Ideas Forum.
    • PowerApps Ideas Forum here
    • Microsoft Flow Ideas Forum here
  • You can participate in a PowerApps and Microsoft Flow User Groups.
    • PowerApps User Groups here
    • Microsoft Flow User Groups here
  • If you use Twitter, you can make tweets relating to PowerApps and Microsoft Flow (using these hashtags #PowerApps #microsoftflow and #PowerBI)
  • You can attend live and on-demand PowerApps and Microsoft Flow Webinar
    • PowerApps Webinars here
    • Microsoft Flow Webinars here
  • If you want to learn PowerApps and Microsoft Flow, check out the PowerApps and Microsoft Flow Guided Learning
    • PowerApps Guided Learning here
    • Microsoft Flow Guided Learning here
  • To stay abreast of the latest PowerApps and Microsoft Flow developments, subscribe to the PowerApps  and Microsoft Flow Product Blogs.
    • PowerApps Product Blogs here
    • Microsoft Flow Product Blogs here