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Hard to believe after 14 years and 1,000 posts I am moving blogs! MSDN is focusing on core product blogs and encouraging community people to find new hosts so after almost no researching decided to use wordpress @  http://Sterlings.Life      … Read more

Webinar 11/13: Advanced data prep with Power BI dataflows for unified data and powerful insights

Look at the all new Power BI dataflows with Program manager Anton Fritz Power BI dataflows’ public preview is just around the corner, in this session the product team will introduce you the new and advanced capabilities for data-prep in Power BI.  Preparing and defining ETL for insights is significant challenge for businesses today—ingestion, cleansing, transformation,… Read more

Creating the perfect MVP Summit

Was asked to share some thoughts on creating the Perfect MVP Summit. Every year we ask MVP’s what they want from the MVP Summit and every year the answers are the same: Insight into the product planning Connection with the product team members Despite this incredibly simple set of directives we still manage to get… Read more

Creating a new Azure Active Directory and AAD backed Accounts

For teaching classes or testing access to many Microsoft services is it common to need a new AAD backed account. Turns out this is both free AND easy as 1-2-3.   Step 1.  Create a new Azure Active Directory. Log in with any Microsoft Account..If you don’t have one they are also easy to create… Read more

10/11 Webinar: How to use Power Query and M to create calendar tables with Tristan Malherbe

Calendar tables are an absolute requirement for time-intelligence calculations and best practices in Power BI. In this week’s webinar Power BI MVP Tristan Malherbe will deliver a webinar on how to build a proper calendar table using Power Query and M language.  Demos to include building calendar tables from from scratch!  When: 10/11/2019 10:00AM PST Where: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ifi07EpRY4g  Tristan Malherbe, a Power… Read more

MVP In Residence 2.0?

While on the Visual Studio team a cool project that we ran with the MVPs was the MVP Intern program.  In this program, an MVP would come out and work with the product team to deliver some tool/feature/paper/template etc.  Willy-Peter Schaub and Ed Blankenship actually came out and lived in my house! Reading an old post… Read more

November 2018 Update Webinar for Power BI Embedding with Ted Pattison

Join Ted Pattison and Charles Sterling as they discuss the latest updates to the Power BI embedding features offered through the Power BI Service. Ted will also walk through how to leverage Power BI embedding techniques when developing single page applications (SPAs) with React.js and when developing React webparts with the SharePoint Framework. Where: https://community.powerbi.com/t5/Webinars-and-Video-Gallery/October-2018-Update-for-Power-BI-Embedding-with-Ted-Pattison/m-p/526982… Read more

Webinar 10/2: Creative DAX solutions by Philip Seamark

Did you know the DAX language is far more capable than merely running a SUM over a column, or counting rows in a table? DAX sits on top of one of the fastest databases around, and this webinar will explore some unusual and creative scenarios that you may not have thought of as feasible. The… Read more

Presentation Skills … a la Chuck by Willy-Peter Schaub

I have done lots of presentation skills sessions and with MSDN cleaning up old blogs I didn’t want to lose my dear friend’s (Willy-Peter Schaub) write up and kind words.  Reprinting with his permission *********************** Charles, alias Chuck, who works with us in the DevX Customer and Project Management team, is hosting internal, interactive, informal, invaluable and… Read more

See Power BI Preview Features in action at the Power BI World Tour

With the Power BI Release Notes you can get visibility into the future of the Power platform and what the PowerApps, Flow and Power BI teams are planning.  https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/business-applications-release-notes/October18/intelligence-platform/. We are proud to announce at the up coming Power BI World Tour we will be showing many of these features live in demos and break… Read more