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I’ve been away for a while from the blogging due to various reasons I won’t go into here but things have settled down now and I plan to start back up my posting.  For those who have offered comments on things to write about I am going to be looking into them and will post…


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If there are any topics that you would like to see me blog about please post a comment and let me know.  Do keep in mind that I will only be able to blog at a high level on some topics.


Upgrading from Standard Edition to Enterprise Edition

Commerce Server 2007 supports the process of “upgrading” from the Standard edition to the Enterprise edition.  This is a true statement but I wanted to clarify what is meant by the use of the term “upgrade”.  When you perform an upgrade from the standard edition to the enterprise edition you can’t simply insert the cd-rom…


Silent unpack INI file for CSharp sample site

For those wishing to use the silent unpack feature of PUP.exe to deploy your site, you have probably noticed that there is not a sample INI included with Commerce Server 2007 as there was with previous versions of Commerce Server.  And you may have also noted that the version included with previous versions of Commerce…


Archiving CSS event reporting data

Commerce Server Staging (CSS) logs data of its actions to two Access databases, events.mdb and StagingLog.mdb.  The data that is viewed in the reports comes from the events.mdb which is what most customers want to keep.  As noted in an earlier blog post you can increase the number of days that the data in the…


How to increase the number of days CSS keeps event information

By default Commerce Server Staging will maintain 3 days worth of event data in its database.  This is the data that is viewed in the reports for such items as when a project was ran and completed. To increase the nubmer of days that event reporting data will be kept use the steps below. Using Regedit.exe go…


How to configure Customer and Orders Manager to not require HTTPS

By default the Commerce Server 2007 Customer and Orders Manager requires that the connections to the Orders and Profiles web services be over HTTPS. This can be changed to allow it to work over HTTP instead.  This is not the recommended method to use as you should always use HTTPS to ensure data is secure…


Starting up the blog….

Hello everyone…This is Charles Teague. I am a Support Escalation Engineer with the Commerce Server support team.  I support several products but my primary focus is with Microsoft Commerce Server. I have been with Microsoft for over 15 years now and supported many different products going all the way back to Windows 286/386.  More recently I…