White Box security practice

Mike Howard has posted some examples of buffer overflows by incorrect use of “safe” string functions. It’s an enjoyable exercise- take a look here! Greg


Difference between STE and SDET roles at Microsoft

What’s the difference between a Software Test Engineer (STE) and a Software Design Engineer in Test (SDET)?   The Microsoft career site has two excellent definitions for the Software Test Engineer and Software Design Engineer in Test roles at Microsoft. In my experience, these clearly defined role definitions have very vague applications here at Microsoft….


A Great Use For Blogs

I’m going to head off today and talk about something in the blog world, and not at all about testing. Every now and then I hear of a new use for blogs that I really like. Most of us are used to the standard paradigm, I write in a blog so my family and friends…


Recruiting Cold Calls

I think there’s some recruiters making the rounds of Microsoft Bloggers. Gretchen and Zoe, as well as Heather have talked a fair amount about how a blog can help your career, and just last week I think I saw a bit of that. I got cold called by a recruiter on my office phone. I…


Meet Greg @ Syracuse

Ever wanted to meet real, breathing, Microsoft employees and you’re located around Syracuse NY?    If Yes: Good News! I’ll be at the Microsoft booth at the Syracuse Career Fair on Sept 30th. We’ll be taking resumes, answering questions, and asking some of our own. Please come out and say hello! If No: Consider changing your…

Testing Complex Software

It’s really hard to wrap your head around how complex software like Office or Windows is. These programs are huge, and have hundreds of millions of users. All of those users have different configurations and different settings and different ways they like to use their software. It’s only natural that with all those differences some…


Where to live- Seattle or the East Side?

I remember listening to a young Microsoft Intern about what had been recommended to him about living arrangments. To summarize what he said: “Redmond is the best place to live, because the rush hour traffic to Seattle is terrible!“ Every Microsoft employee has a strong opinion about the best location to live. It’s one that I had…


Beta Testing to be `Bleeding Edge’

There’s an interesting New York Times article about Beta Testing for the sake of `bleeding edge’ status here. It mentions: Software testing used to be done by serious computer users. Now, testers are motivated less by service than by the status of being among the first to try the newest software. This is a trend…


Microsoft Interview Question links

There’s been a recent spike of activity from people posting Microsoft interview questions online. Here’s some links: Chris Sells’ Questions for Testers, complete with some interesting SDE/T questions Aaron Boodman’s Interviewing at Microsoft. Good listing of SDE questions, which are usually touched upon (but not concentrated on) for Test positions Kiran Bondalapati has an older page…


Concerns about Test Case Yields

Shrini K had an excellent question about the concept of a Test Case Yield. Test Cases can take an extraordinary amount of effort to run effectively. It’s not uncommon for a lead, manager, (or Testers themselves) to seek high bug counts to demonstrate that this effort is worthwhile. Some might find this statement alarming, but I find it…