Differences between Encarta Premium 2006 and Student 2006

The back of the box for Encarta Premium 2006 has a nifty feature chart that I’ve been unable to find online. Here’s a posting of that chart, containing the differences between the North American versions of Encarta Premium 2006 and Microsoft Student:   Encarta 2006 Premium     Microsoft Student 2006 Trusted Content     Articles 64,000+…


I Love the MVP Program

Encarta’s MVP, Stephen Stakey, has just launched the Encarta SupportZone- you can find it here. As he says, it’s a place to “find how-to guides, videos, and links to other Encarta-related websites”.  He’s already spent a lot of time in the newsgroup, dug up a lot of the pertinent information that’s come over time, and conglomerated…


Encarta Blog is up and running!

The Encarta Team blog is now up and running with it’s very first post. Take a look here! The IE Team blog is currently the best team blog I’ve read, but I hope our Encarta blog is ultimately of similar quality. BTW- Reading the IE blog it really came in handy today. I got to teach myself…

Reasons to be a Test Developer

Steve Rowe has an excellent blog post on Three Reasons To Consider Being a Test Developer (aka SDET). Nihit Kaul also follows up with some interesting comments here. One piece I’d like to add about the advantage of being a Tester (whatever the job title : ) is that you’ll learn your underlying product literally *better…

Why does Software Crash #2 – The Access Violation (continued)

In our last post (here), we took a look at an Access Violation of a user mode application attempting to access memory in kernel mode address space. It’s interesting to note that we can’t just go reading and writing memory in the kernel- if we try to blindly access another application’s memory, we’ll get the…


Why does Software Crash #1 – The Access Violation

Pop quiz: what does this line of code do when executed?                         int foo = (*((int*)0));   If you’re an astute reader, you can solve the answer just by reading the title of the blog post. But, more interestingly, let’s forget about that buzzword and analyze exactly what’s happening. The access violation is probably the…


“Why does Software Crash” – The series!

Starting this week, I’ll be starting a series on the nuts and bolts of software crashes. Complex software has a seemingly infinite number of ways that can force a dreaded crash dialog, and I’m up for the task of enumerating why many of these things happen.   I plan on starting from examining short C…

White Box security practice

Mike Howard has posted some examples of buffer overflows by incorrect use of “safe” string functions. It’s an enjoyable exercise- take a look here! Greg


Difference between STE and SDET roles at Microsoft

What’s the difference between a Software Test Engineer (STE) and a Software Design Engineer in Test (SDET)?   The Microsoft career site has two excellent definitions for the Software Test Engineer and Software Design Engineer in Test roles at Microsoft. In my experience, these clearly defined role definitions have very vague applications here at Microsoft….


A Great Use For Blogs

I’m going to head off today and talk about something in the blog world, and not at all about testing. Every now and then I hear of a new use for blogs that I really like. Most of us are used to the standard paradigm, I write in a blog so my family and friends…