SharePoint 2007: GetWebCollection (Webs.asmx) does not return webs based on a user permission

Supposedly in Webs.asmx web service we pass on the user credentials and then call GetWebCollection method to get the webs underneath the current site, we expect the web method to return only those webs for which the user has permission to.  But this web method actually returns all the webs present underneath the current site….


Visual Studio 2010 F5 solution deployment

Create a content type project in Visual studio 2010 and then create some custom content types with some custom fields in it. Sample Elements.xml file : <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <Elements xmlns=""> <!– Parent ContentType: Document (0x0101) –> <Field ID="{D6A841D7-4067-4519-B794-E25AC438E9CF}" Name="MyCustomField" StaticName="MyCustomField" DisplayName="MyCustomField" Description="MyCustomField" Group="abc" Type="Text" SourceID="" /> <ContentType ID="0x010100b19e17b94ee044778dcffe8f92ce18e6" Name="ContentTypeTest" Group="Custom Content Types" Description="My Content…


Transforming BDC Models to BCS in SharePoint 2010

Upgrading BDC to BCS:  Due to certain changes in SharePoint Server 2010 Business Connectivity Services architecture and model’s schema changes, MOSS BDC Application Definition XML files cannot be directly imported post upgrade.  So, if we are planning to transform BDC in SharePoint 2010, we have to consider it before SharePoint 2010 upgrade happens. There is…


Using Word Automation Services in a Workflow custom activity for SP Designer Workflows

It has been quite sometime since I wrote any blog article.  What a way to start SharePoint 2010 blog about Workflows!!  It’s all about a new service named Word Automation Services which is a component of SharePoint Server 2010.  It provides developers the ability to perform document conversion tasks programmatically through the Word Automation Services…


CAML Query to change list fields schema through Web service

The UpdateList method of lists web service takes few parameters, out of which newFields, UpdateFields, and DeleteFields are some of them.  These fields are actually XmlNode that contains CAML Query within it.  There are tools available to build CAML Queries.  But what about complex queries like changing properties of field at its schema level?  Here…


Changing navigation drop down menus speed in SharePoint

In a SharePoint site, when we take the mouse pointer on the top link bar we get the drop down menu for that particular site.  The drop down that shows up after placing the mouse pointer is too quick that it sometimes doesn’t allow to choose the other options lying underneath the drop down menu. …


Sending customized email from SharePoint Workflow

I recently got a requirement from a customer asking for a solution that will send a customized email to the people.  These were the requirements 1.  The ‘From address’ of the email should be title of discussion list. 2.  The ‘To address’ of the email should be to all the subscribers of that list (Alert…


Understanding UpdateAllTasks activity in SharePoint Workflow

I recently got a case from a customer complaining that the UpdateAllTasks activity fails to change any of the properties of the currently active workflow tasks even though the activity executes without error. The requirement is very simple.  In the Sequential workflow there are few CreateTask activities and one UpdateAllTasks activity.  The reason for having…