SharePoint 2013 : Manage Other User Profiles

SharePoint gives an option in UPSA to manage the user profiles of other users (like editing basic or contact information) in their mysite.  To edit other users profile, we need to first give “Manage Profiles” permission to a user (who wants to manage) under UPSA.




Sometimes you might get UserNotFoundException when you access the user’s EditProfile.aspx page even though you have Manage Profiles permission.




You get this error if the user information is not found in UserInfo Table.  If the user has never logged in before then there won’t be any reference in the UserInfo table.  So the profile can be edited by other user only if the actual user had logged into the site at least once.

Comments (1)

  1. Chris says:

    So the actual issue here is the user is not on the content db which has mysite host collection.

    Use powershell to do the AddUser on that site collection and it should work!

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