SP15 Organization Chart in MySites

The Web Part, “Org Chart”, that was visible under the About Me section of MySites in previous versions of SharePoint is now hidden in SharePoint 2013 by default. But when you view the About Me page of any another employee it is displayed.  This behavior is by design and it’s for better performance reasons. 

In previous versions of SharePoint, the profile page always loaded the Org Chart web part.  Loading peer, manager and direct report data actually requires an extra database lookup which contributes to a longer page load time.  Since most users would prefer to have their personal profile page load faster than to see their own position in the organizational hierarchy, the Org Chart web part is hidden when a user views their own profile page.

Comments (9)

  1. Brittney says:

    Terrible change. It was very useful to have your org chart on your profile page.  Not good design.

  2. DanTheManXX says:


    I have added the org webpart to a team site. When I use the embed code option as per the link support link shown above, I get the org rendered for me with my pic above my test colleague "who I am managing"  -no contact details.  When other users visit the same page with just member permissions then all they see is their photo but half of the image is hidden- they don't see any manager heirarachy – I tested the same page on one of the managers!

  3. Nik patel says:

    I am sure I like this functionality by design. I have often traversed through Org Chart from my profile to see my colleagues and management hierarchy.. I really enjoyed 2010 functionality.

  4. Ali Akbar says:

    Hi Stevo,

    I think there is a bug with this webpart when you use it with windows claims. here is fix on Microsoft support site: support.microsoft.com/…/en-us

  5. Stevo says:

    Hi, Our Org chart does not appear at all not even for other employees..

    If I edit the page I can see the web part is there, but when I browse to the page nothing is displayed.  Any ideas?  Is there something else that needs to be configured or should this just work out the box?

    We have a claims based web app.  Silverlight is installed..

  6. Weird says:

    Can't find it under the About Me section.  Perhaps share some screenshots?  I dragged the Org Browser web part onto a page and it doesn't work.

  7. Well if you want this web part by default I don't think there is any option Out of the box, you have to do a bit of customization; may be use FeatureStapling or WebProvisioned Event receiver.  

  8. Bob Mixon says:

    Is there a way to change this so the web part is displayed, by default, in my personal sites?

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