MCMS 2001 : Adding flash objects on the content page

When we try to add a flash object in the Edit mode of a CMS page, it doesn’t work as expected.  We will get to see only blank black screen and not the actual flash images.  Directly when the images are added in place holders it works.  But when added as an object, it doesn't work.  Also if we make a reference to an asp file ( that contains the flash object), still it won’t work.   


The reason - for security reasons, any form controls(<object>,<script>..) used in HTML place holder in Edit mode gets stripped off.


Then how do we add flash objects in the page ?  One workaround is to use some dummy tags instead of object tag and replace them accordingly in the code.  The other alternative approach is to use <Embed> tag instead of <object> tag.  This tag will work within the place holder control.  To set the plug in URL, the attribute “PLUGINURL” can be used

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