Assigning two approvers (as an individual person and not as group) and both should approve before release can proceed


One of the Release Management customer wanted to have two approver (as person and not a group) so that once both approve then only release should proceed.

Below is the exact query :-

My customer is asking us about having 2 deployment approvers in RM.

I mean, before the deployment we can assign one person or a group, but we can’t assign 2 people and once both approved, the deploy is started.

The reason is that normally they have application and database deployment so, it would be one person approving web app a dba approving the database deployment.

I know we can assign it to a group and have a committee to approve that, but they are looking for traceability and the approver name should be two specific people, not a group.

Is it possible?  If not, what should be our approach with them?

Suggestions :-

First Suggestion:-

At the very bottom of each stage in a release path, you’ll see a spot for setting/selecting an individual approver. There’s a little ‘plus’ sign there to add another control and set/select an additional approver. (See the QA stage in the screenshot below.)


Further query:-

When I said two approvers, I meant two people to “accept deployment”, instead of they need to approve after deployment is done, we need that both of them need to approve before the deployment is done, in RM it would be the accept step. Is it possible?

Further Suggestion which solved the query:-

You can simulate this behaviour with a Manual Intervention as the first action of the stage. Assign the Manual Intervention to the second person.  The system will wait until they complete that Manual Intervention before it continues. Should they reject nothing will be done on that stage.

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