Web Templates and InfoPath Forms

The Problem If you are using custom web templates to create your site, you may face an issue where InfoPath forms don’t work in your site. Here is the screen shot of the error message: What is missing? The InfoPath site feature is missing. You can check this by going to the List settings page….

Web Templates and Content Type Publishing

  The Problem Web templates allows you to specify which features to activate by customising the onet.xml file. Usually developers will pick the nearest one or more site definition’s onet.xml they want to use – copy the WebFeatures and SiteFeatures (which is totally acceptable). For example, for a publishing site I may use the CMSPUBLISHING…


Web Templates – What base template should I use?

I have had some interesting discussions with Wayne Ewington and others on what base template should you use for web templates. A little background to what this base template means to web templates: Web Templates depend on an existing site definition installed in the server. The general guideline is to always reference a site template…