Report Manager is slow after an IISReset or AppPool restart

Report Manager and Report server may take time for the first time after we do an
IIS Reset or a recycle of the application pool.

For the first time Report Manager might take a few seconds, and that is expected. But if it takes either 2 or 3 minutes then it might be abnormal. 


Even if the SSL is not enabled, Reporting services is looking for the "Certificate
Revocation List Information" for the first time after an IIS Reset or Recycle of
the Application Pool.

CRL are published on a timer. For example the default CRL publish period for a MS
CA is once a week.

When a client makes a secured connection to a server it will check the servers
certificate by downloading the CRL from the CA that issued the cert and checking to
see if that certificate has been revoked. The client will use the cached version
till the cached version expires. It will download the CRL again the next time it
needs to verify a certificate.

If you download the CRL and place it on the client it will only be good for as long
as the publish period for the CRL so it would not be a permanent fix. I checked the
CRL and seems that right now we are publishing the CRL one every 6 months. So I
guess that is not exactly horrible...

Ideally the machine running the application will have access to the Internet and be
allowed to access*.

Steps to manually install the CRL:

1. From any machine that has access to the internet browse to

2. Save the CRL file and copy it to the machine that will launch the SQL reports

3. On the machine that will launch the SQL reports application run this command

certutil -addstore CA CodeSignPCA.crl

The customer needs to be aware that once every six months they will need to update
the CRL. The CRL publishing period may change in the future.

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