Macon .Net Usergroup

Thanks to the Macon .Net Usergroup for inviting me in to talk about the new features of Silverlight 4.0!  I had a great time, and hopefully I shared some of the excitement around the improvements there.  Please grab my slides and a couple of demos here.  If I missed some of the demos, email me…


Georgia Tech on Silverlight!

As I am doing my game prep this morning, and I know that Georgia Tech is not going to be on TV, I tuned in to their atheletic site.  I then clicked on the Gameday Central link.  After then clicking on Listen Live, I was greeted with the now familiar Silverlight loading screen! I still have…


IASA ITARC Conference Update

I bet there is only one of these in the world.  Fantastic.


The MSDN Developer Conference is coming…Are you ready? December 16th, Atlanta, GA

  Did you wish you were at PDC?  Well, we can scratch that itch!  Come to the Atlanta, GA MSDN Developer Conference on December 16th. The nature of software development is radically changing… Are you ready? Prepare yourself for a demanding future. Attend the MSDN Developer Conference. Experience Microsoft’s Cloud Computing Platform Create applications that…


geekSpeak This Afternoon on Silverlight in LOB applications

I know its a bit late, but please join us this afternoon at 3:00PM ET for a geekSpeak on building Silverlight applications for Line of Business Applications!  The registration link is here:  geekSpeak is a new kind of webcast series, hosted by developer evangelists from Microsoft. Dispensing with slide decks and scripted demos, geekSpeak…


From Worst to First (A perspective on Cloud Computing @ MSFT)

A recent survey found that Microsoft ranked first in Web 2.0 for Developers.  Specifically it focused on things like Web Services, API’s, ease of use, and how much money one can make.  Unfortunately last year we ranked last, but with all the new items coming out, we are certainly giving it a turnaround.  I talk about…


Silverlight, and an Architects Point of View

One of my peers up in the Northeast, Bob Familiar, has put together a great article on his Blog that talks about Silverlight from an Architects Point of View.  Its really a rather interesting post on how to built Web Services with Silverlight.     


Chad and Doug Roadshow coming to Atlanta

Due to many requests coming, Doug Turnure and I will be bringing our Next Web Roadshow to Atlanta in October.  What’s NextWeb?  Silverlight, ASP.Net AJAX futures, Silverlight/WebServices, and Virtual Earth!  Just hit the registration link below and sign up.  Space is limited, and I think we will have a lot of folks at this one….


Silverlight 1.0 and Expression Media Encoder Released!

On September 5th, we launched Silverlight 1.0 along with a release of Expression Media Encoder.  Here are some great sites that have already released on this version: Entertainment Tonight’s Emmys site Home Shopping Network WWE Halo3 Trailers in HD – my personal favorite Enjoy!


Silverlight and the Mono Project – MOONLIGHT

I am excited to annouce our support for the Moonlight project that Mono is working on.  What is it?  Well its an implementation of Silverlight that works on Linux.  That means that all the work you do with Silverlight can be re-used on Linux!  Its very excitinng stuff. As you may be aware, Novell is…