Silverlight Announcements: 2.0 expected to go Beta in Q1

With the enhancements to Silverlight that are being made with the next release, we realized that naming it Silverlight 1.1 would not properly reflect the amount of work that is going into it.  Specifically, we are renaming Silverlight 1.1 to Silverlight 2.0! Expect a Silverlight beta with a “Go Live” license to be out sometime…


Holiday Loadfest and Game Night

We are hosting a Holiday Loadfest on December 3rd, in conjunction with the Atlanta .Net User Group and the Atlanta Microsoft Professionals.  The first 150 people to attend will receive an evaluation copy of Visual Studio 2008.  So bring your laptop!  Once we make the shrink wrapped version available, we will also give those folks…


Visual Studio 2008 and Performance Improvements

If you have not heard yet, VS2008 was just Released to Manufacturing!  If you have an MSDN subscription, you can download it right off the web site.  Not only that, but its been posted as an Akamai download, which means that its super fast.  At home, I was getting 600-900kbps download speeds.  Righteous! Anyway, back…


What Flavor of LINQ to use?

Check out another colleague of mine (Bill Zack) who talks about the three types of LINQ flavors (SQL, Dataset, and Entity) and when an Architect should choose between the three.  This is the start of some really interesting stuff that my group in putting out around Architect Point of Views.  Look for more to come!…


Instructions on Installing Silverlight Streaming Plugin for Expression Encoder

One of my peers has put up a very interesting post on where to get the Silverlight streaming plugin for Expression Encoder.  Check it out:


Publishing to IIS7

Over the years, I get asked this question quite often.  How do I publish my code to IIS?  Well there is a many-folded way to answer this question.  Who is publishing?  Where are you publishing to?  I am going to use this article to lay out what the options are.  Thanks to Robert McMurray for…


Interested in Biztalk?

And just dont have any experience with it?  Or maybe you have experience, but just need to brush up. Well, we are offering a Biztalk University Class in the Atlanta office.  Come and see it! Microsoft Corporation – Alpharetta, GA 1125 Sanctuary Parkway, Suite 300 Atlanta, GA 30004 9:00 AM–4:30 PM Register here – Event ID: 1032355784…


Silverlight, and an Architects Point of View

One of my peers up in the Northeast, Bob Familiar, has put together a great article on his Blog that talks about Silverlight from an Architects Point of View.  Its really a rather interesting post on how to built Web Services with Silverlight.     


Chad and Doug Roadshow coming to Atlanta

Due to many requests coming, Doug Turnure and I will be bringing our Next Web Roadshow to Atlanta in October.  What’s NextWeb?  Silverlight, ASP.Net AJAX futures, Silverlight/WebServices, and Virtual Earth!  Just hit the registration link below and sign up.  Space is limited, and I think we will have a lot of folks at this one….


Weather Channel launches updates to Virtual Earth Radar

  The Weather Channel just released an update to their Virtual Earth based radar control.  You can now use Virtual Earth’s address lookup feature to access your local weather.  I dont mean local as in city wide, I mean local as in your house’s personal weather!  The Weather Channel has combined their computer models and…