Visual Studio 2008 and Performance Improvements

If you have not heard yet, VS2008 was just Released to Manufacturing!  If you have an MSDN subscription, you can download it right off the web site.  Not only that, but its been posted as an Akamai download, which means that its super fast.  At home, I was getting 600-900kbps download speeds.  Righteous!

Anyway, back to the topic.  VS2008 has been re-written to take advantage of the new multi-core processors that are so prevalent these days.  That means compile times can be dramatically reduced.  Somesagar has a good BLOG posting on some of the improvements.  Specifically, Visual Studio is taking advantage of some of the new thread pool improvements.

Also, I would encourage everyone to check out this document which details all of the new features in 2008.

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Comments (4)

  1. If you have not heard yet, VS2008 was just Released to Manufacturing !  If you have an MSDN

  2. Kevin Daly says:

    For many of us (particularly behind the corporate firewall/proxy server), posting it as an Akamai download simply means it’s unavailable, period. That downloader is utterly useless to us.

  3. Chad Brooks says:

    I will look into it and see if I can find out an answer for you on that one.  I was not aware of the problem.

  4. Chad Brooks says:

    What specifically is causing the blockage?  Does your corporate firewall block the akamai servers, or is another issue?

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