And Another Silverlight Game….

This time its Silverlight 1.1 and its called Zero Gravity, written by Terralever.  A colleague introduced me to the game and its fairly novel, considering the newness of the technology.  The most amazing this is that it took only 4 weeks to develop.  4 weeks a long time you say?  Well, remember that time was spent mastering the technology too.  I would bet they could do it A LOT faster this time around.

 Please Note:

zero gravity requires the silverlight 1.1 alpha plugin to be installed.  this plugin works with internet explorer and firefox on windows, as well as safari and firefox on the max osx platforms.  you can read about silverlight and platform support at the community site (which has great resources as well to learn from).

And from Tim's Blog:

so what is it?  well, is a game and involves our absent-minded astronaut, lt. bennett, who continues to crash his ship into an asteroid.  your objective?  help lt. bennett find his way back to his ship in each level through various mazes.  there are different types of levels and different types of obstacles involving teleports, asteroids, ice blocks, pipes, etc.  once you get lt. bennett back to his ship, you advance.  your score is based on time and moves.



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