Introducing arcStream – a new way to digest Architectural topics

My team at Microsoft, the Deverloper and Platform Evangelism team, has launched a new program to help the community better understand some of the key Architectural issues that we face today.  We call this program, arcStream.  arcStream builds on the great content delivered through MSDN and Skyscrapr by offering architects in the east region a series of events on a topic of interest as well as face to face networking opportunities. In September and October we will be delivering a series of events on Service Oriented Architecture, in November and December we will be focusing on User Experience and Office Business Application Architecture and in January and February we will be delving into the Web 2.0 architecture. This pattern of events will continue throughout the coming months. I will be writing here about the arcStream activities and the various architectures and solution stacks discussed as the program evolves.

I am presenting a particularly interesting topic (at least to me) on October 26th:  ESB on the Microsoft Platform.  I encourage everyone to listen in to this session.  You may register for the event here.

If you would like more information on the various events that are being offered in your area, check out the arcStream web site.

Its been a while, but I am back!  Expect more interesting items from me soon!

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