Publishing Symbol Data with a Manual Build

I was recently working with a customer where an automated build process was not possible.  Thus, we couldn’t use the steps found in Publish Symbol Data.  After a few hours of research, here’s what we did: Install the Debugging Tools for Windows.  This is needed because we’ll be using SymStore.exe. Create a network share for…


C-Style Array COM-Interop

You are developing an application with large arrays and you want the best of both worlds.  You want to use the .NET Framework for the ease of creating managed applications but you also want to use Native Code so that you take advantage of hardware accelerators like GPGPUs (for which you would consider C++ AMP)…



I was experimenting with the SharePoint 2010 User Profile Service.  I had a simple console application and used the code found in the UserProfileManager documentation as a starting point.  But any time I tried to create a new UserProfileManager object I got an UserProfileApplicationNotAvailableException. I made sure I followed all of the steps in Configure…


Remote Smart Card Authentication

I was trying to remote into a Windows 7 Hyper-V guest from my Windows 7 laptop using my smart card for authentication.  When I initiated the remoting session I made it all the way to the “Welcome” screeen, but then received the following error: “The system could not log you on. An error occurred trying…


Little Blessings

It’s nice to talk about things other than technology. A few weeks ago my wife, Laura, and I went home to visit my family.  We ended up finding four puppies in the woods.  Between the four of them they easily had 200 ticks and so many flees it looked like their skin was crawling.  It…


FDCC Development Requirements

I posted an entry over on the FDCC Technet blog on how to best develop desktop applications.  It can be found here.  It covers the most common problems encountered when developing applications on the FDCC. Would you like to see other problems/issues discussed in future posts?


Creating Debug and Release SharePoint Solution Packages

I’m lazy.  It’s true.  And I’m always looking for ways to be even lazier when developing software.  I want my tools and build system to do as much heavy lifting and perform as many repetitive tasks as possible.  In addition to being lazy, I’m also human which means that I occasionally make mistakes.  So I…