Command-line build (devenv /build, MSBuild, etc.)

In the comments about a post I made a year ago about devenv /build (here), a person named Peter just a couple weeks ago made the following comment: When we use IDE to build a project, we have the file(s) checked-out, and IDE will build the changes (checked-out files), will command build do so? I.e….


MSBuild talk at PDC

Hi all –   So, as I mentioned in an earlier blog entry, Alex Kipman & Rajeev Goel are going to do a PDC presentation on MSBuild (the new build engine we’re including with Whidbey).  If you’re going to the PDC, be sure to check it out.  It’s Monday, Oct. 27th from 4:45-6pm in one…


Introducing MSBuild

Hi all –   More stuff has come online.  See here for a little blurb about MSBuild, which is what we’re calling our cool new build engine that will ship along with Whidbey. -Chris


PDC 2003 tracks announced

Greetings, all!   Microsoft has announced the broad outline of the material to be presented at the PDC 2003.  See here for the list of tracks & presentations.   Under the “Languages and Tools” section you’ll see a cryptic reference to “a new unified build system”.  This is one of the really cool things we’re…


More on configurations

Greetings, all!  In my entry about devenv /build, a reader named Toby mentions the pain of maintaining multiple configurations when you have a lot of them that are identical except for one flag.  He says:   In my work, I’ll deal with several types of configurations: release, debug, profile build, unicode/mbcs, managed/unmanaged, xbox/pc, inline assembly/unoptimized…


Building from the command line: devenv /build

Greetings, dear readers!  Today I want to talk about using devenv.exe to build a solution or project from the command line (as opposed to interactively inside the IDE).  For example, you can say “devenv /build debug myapp.sln” to do a debug build of myapp.sln.  Now, I have to admit that if there was one feature…


Solution configurations & project configurations

Greetings, dear readers!  Today I want to talk about solution configurations and project configurations.  These are important concepts that are essential to understand if you’re trying to do complex coordination of builds using VS, esp. if you’re using the DTE or devenv /build at the command line.  However, this is a tricky subject which even…


Sneak peek at Whidbey

There’s a news report about what MSFT disclosed at the VS Live! event.  See the link for info about some of the cool things we’re doing in Whidbey (the next major release of VS) and Orcas (the release after that).  Whidbey is what most of the VS teams are spending most of their time on….


New VSIP program rollout

There’s now free registration at the VSIP site to become a VSIP (“Visual Studio Industy Partner”), which is the program whereby you can write a low-level package that integrates more deeply into Visual Studio than is possible as an add-in (or macro).  The VSIP program is great for 3rd party companies that want to sell add-ons for Visual…


Watson addendum

A reader named Martin makes a good point made about my earlier weblog entry about Watson crashes; he says we could offer a way to let users provide more information when a bug is difficult to reproduce.  Actually, we already do this in cases where we’re having difficulty making progress, I just forgot to mention that. …