Too little sleep, too much caffeine

It seems like forever since I got eight hours of decent sleep.  I love my kids, but it sure would be nice if they would sleep past 6am!  My wife is on me for drinking too much pop — she thinks 4 a day is too many (if only she knew it was more like…


VS Core video on MSDN Channel 9

If you want to see what some of us VS Core and MSBuild folks look like in person, there’s now a Channel 9 video of many of us.  We each give a brief blurb on what we do. It’s about 42min in length, so if you want to be able to skip around, here’s how…


New version of Sid Meier’s “Pirates!” is a winner

Well, I got the game Pirates! for Christmas, and I have to say it’s one of the best games I’ve played in a long time.  I was an addict of the original version back in the 80’s, and so I had high hopes for it.  It doesn’t disappoint – it has many great components that…


Come join the MSBuild team!!

MSBuild is one of the coolest technologies in Microsoft’s Developer Division, and it also happens to be what I work on!  We have a job opening for a Software Design Engineer, and are looking for world-class candidates.  Here are some of the things we do on the MSBuild dev team: Love our customers Write C# code…


Headhunters on the prowl

I am so jazzed…I’ve been at Microsoft for 11 years, often prowling public places with my MSFT account, and yet until today I’ve never had an outside recruiter come after me.  But, my drought is finally up.  “Barbara” (do they use aliases, I wonder?) called and say she had an opportunity I’d be interested in.  My stock…


Back from the brink

Jimmy Buffet: “…like a man just released from indenture” Supertramp: “…like a ship without an anchor…like a slave without a chain…” Frank N. Furter: “I’m going home”   OK, it’s not quite as extreme as the legendary Transylvanian’s final trip home, but it sometimes feels that way (but with a happier ending of course).  I’m…


Back from Easter Island and Chile

I had a great time on Easter Island.  The pics are here.  I’m having trouble getting Easter Island out of my head — more than any other place I’ve visited overseas, it calls me to return. Take care! -Chris


Hello from ASP.NET!!

Greetings all –   We’ve been moved (not voluntarily, I might add) to this new blog server.  So far it looks like this a nicer system.  Hopefully my old content will get moved over soon so that this blog isn’t split up.   Thanks for reading! Chris  


My blog is moving

Dear Readers –   Please be advised that my blog is moving to (but I don’t have any content there yet).  See you there soon. Chris  


Management tour of duty

Greetings, all!  My apologies again for doing such a bad job of keeping you up to date.  I have been absorbed with my duties as interim development manager for our team, and have not had much time to delve into the various technical things going on in the areas I’m still nominally dev lead for. …