“Ideal line” plotted on scrum burndown chart

Hi all -

  One new thing we're doing with this sprint is adding an "ideal line" to our scrum burndown chart.  This helps us see where we're at with respect to our plans, and is nicer than using an imaginary line.  Because in Scrum we use 30 calendar days, our chart spans weekends, and the ideal line is therefore a big jagged.

  I am somewhere concerned that at some point we'll get external (or internal) pressure to make the line meet the ideal line every day, which is of course an explicit non-goal; the point is to hit zero at the end of the sprint, and make the most appropriate tradeoffs in order to get there.  I emphasized this to the team, and so far they seem to have internalized it (and not assigned any sinister motives to me, at least not to my knowledge!).  If it becomes an issue I'll simply remove that "ideal line".

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