VS Core video on MSDN Channel 9

If you want to see what some of us VS Core and MSBuild folks look like in person, there's now a Channel 9 video of many of us.  We each give a brief blurb on what we do.

It's about 42min in length, so if you want to be able to skip around, here's how to download the (130MB) file to your machine:

  • Go here
  • You'll see a link called "[Save]"; right-click on this and click "Save target As"
  • Save it to your machine; the download will take a few minutes (unless you have dial-up, in which case it would take a few days)

Dan, Rajeev and I all work on MSBuild and are together.  Dan starts at about 32:40, Rajeev is at 37:05, and I'm at about 39:30.

I guess next time I'm going to look more at the camera so it's just not the side of my head!

Take care,



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