New version of Sid Meier’s “Pirates!” is a winner

Well, I got the game Pirates! for Christmas, and I have to say it’s one of the best games I’ve played in a long time.  I was an addict of the original version back in the 80’s, and so I had high hopes for it.  It doesn’t disappoint – it has many great components that make it a super game.  Why can’t all games be this good??


The only part of the game that is somewhat unfortunate is that the whole side game of meeting and impressing the governor’s daughters clearly assigns a value to them based solely on their appearance.  They go from “plain” to “attractive” to “beautiful” and it’s correspondingly harder to go to the ball with them based on this.  I suppose it could be argued that this parallels sociological reality, but it’s still a rather unfortunate message.  Of course, I’m sure that the vast majority of the people playing this game are male, so probably very few people will take note of it.


In any case, the game is absolutely fantastic in terms of gameplay and I would highly recommend it.  The graphics and sound are also great, but they purely complement the gameplay rather than stealing the limelight.


So, I can blame Sid Meier for another night of less than 8 hours’ sleep!  (It’s his fault that I couldn’t stop playing when I should have!  Really!)


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