MSBuild wiki on Channel 9 goes live

MSBuild now has a wiki spot here on Channel 9.  You can also find a video of some of our team doing a bug triage.  Perhaps more useful is the MSBuild FAQ which also under our wiki. Enjoy! Chris


Come join the MSBuild team!!

MSBuild is one of the coolest technologies in Microsoft’s Developer Division, and it also happens to be what I work on!  We have a job opening for a Software Design Engineer, and are looking for world-class candidates.  Here are some of the things we do on the MSBuild dev team: Love our customers Write C# code…


Continued progress on our first sprint

Yesterday was an interesting day.  It was day 9 of our first sprint (named “sprint 2” to synch with the milestone numbering we’d been using).  First we had a short review of our status (not an official sprint review, just a brief “state of the project” mtg), and our management is very receptive to Scrum. …


Thanks for the Scrum support!

Thanks for the supportive comments about my last post.  I am aware of the scrumdevelopment mailing list and wade through it periodically, although I find it kind of like drinking from a fire hose!  At the Certified ScrumMaster class I heard about ScrumWiki and saw a demo of ScrumWorks.  By all accounts both are worthy…


Beginning our first Scrum sprint on Monday

Well, it’s finally about to happen.  I did a short presentation to get the team educated about Scrum (they seem excited about it), and we did our backlog selection and sprint backlog planning meetings yesterday.  The sprint begins on Monday.  I’m pretty optimistic, at least from the frontline level. The biggest problem, of course, is…