Scoping CQRS and Event-Sourcing Guidance Project

I am collaborating with the patterns & practices team. We are considering doing a guidance project on implementing systems using the Command & Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS) approach. This is not going to be a framework or reusable components. We are positioning this project as a learning journey and envision providing an experience report that…


Panda Security releases a free Beta version of Panda Cloud Office Protection 6.0, in the Cloud, on Windows Azure!!

I publish this information because I’ve been collaborating with them on migrating their backend anti-virus system to the Microsoft PaaS cloud which is Windows Azure. They have got many benefits on doing this, like elasticity, rapid scalability, and one of the most important things, they have reduced their costs and TCO a lot!. It is…


We completed the Microsoft Architects Forum: Enterprise & ISVs Applications on Windows Azure (Barcelona Dec. 13th & Madrid Dec. 15th)

  It was a nice event exposing Windows Azure scenarios very oriented to ISVs, subjects like Multi-Tenancy, Security, Java apps on Windows Azure, etc. Additionally we had three companies (Panda-Security, Softeng and Grupo Teldat) talking about their real experience in their projects when migrating their products to Windows Azure, talking about optimizations, performance and scalability…


Architects Forum: Enterprise & ISVs Applications on Windows Azure (Barcelona Dec. 13th & Madrid Dec. 15th)

  In December we’re going to deliver this free assistance event focusing on enterprise applications and architectures on Windows Azure, subjects like MULTi-TENANCY on windows Azure, and showing optimizations, scalability and load testing made by real Windows Azure customers like PANDA-SECURITY and SOFTENG. This is the Agenda (SPANISH). Hora Descripción Ponentes 9:30-10:00 Registro 10:00-10:15 Presentación…


Creating an X.509 certificate for Windows Azure

I always forget the command line to do this, so I’m going to post it in my own blog. The way to set a specific certificate name, so you can find it within Windows Azure after it is registered, is using the Certificate Creation Tool (makecert.exe) to create an X.509 certificate: – Open the Visual…


How to explore a Windows Azure Package (How to create it with no encryption)

As you may know, a Windows Azure package is a .ZIP file, but, it is encrypted, so, even though you can rename the extension, when you take a look into it, you cannot really see the project files. In order to see it, you need to create a package which is not encrypted. You can…


New update Windows Azure Platform Training Kit – April Update

Quite a few new interesting updates: From the site: Some of the specific changes with the April update of the training kit includes: · [New] Authenticating Users in a Windows Phone 7 App via ACS, OData Services and Windows Azure lab · [New] Windows Azure Traffic Manager lab · [New] Introduction to SQL Azure…


Automatically deploying Azure Connect Agents software

In order to set up Windows Azure Connect, you need to install a piece of software called Azure Connect Agent in each server/machine from your datacenter that you want to access. In order to do that, you usually have to access Azure-Portal in order to get a specific agent for each server.  You usually click…


Windows Azure VMs Comparison

Just wanted to show a simple table comparison regarding CPU, memory, storage, I/O and cost for each Windows Azure VMs (Compute Instances). Compute Instance Size CPU Memory Instance Storage I/O Performance Cost per hour Extra Small 1.0 GHz 768 MB 20 GB Low $0.05 Small 1.6 GHz 1.75 GB 225 GB Moderate $0.12 Medium 2…


Info about SCOM Azure Management Pack

Just for my record, I wanted to post a few interesting posts regarding ‘SCOM Azure Management Pack’: