Microsoft eBook gratuito en Español: “Microservicios .NET – Arquitectura para aplicaciones .NET contenerizadas” – Docker, .NET Core, Kubernetes, Service Fabric, Azure.

Las arquitecturas basadas en Microservicios están emergiendo actualmente como opciones apropiadas para aplicaciones distribuidas de misión crítica. En una arquitectura basada en microservicios, la aplicación se construye basada en una colección de servicios que deben ser desarrollados, probados, versionados y desplegados en producción, de forma independiente. En paralelo, las empresas actualmente están descubriendo como con…


Free eBook/Guide on ‘.NET Microservices – Architecture for Containerized .NET Applications’

The microservices architecture is emerging as an important approach for distributed mission-critical applications. In a microservice-based architecture, the application is built on a collection of services that can be developed, tested, deployed, and versioned independently. In addition, enterprises are increasingly realizing cost savings, solving deployment problems, and improving DevOps and production operations by using containers….


Summary of Microsoft Docker Images for .NET Core and .NET Framework

Even when these official images are still evolving, I think that a summary about the multiple Microsoft Docker images for .NET available at Docker Hub would be a “nice to have” thing. This blog post is related to my previous blog post on “Docker containers – Should I use .NET Core or .NET Framework?”, however…


Docker containers – Should I use .NET Core or .NET Framework?

The short answer is: “For Docker containers, use .NET Core whenever is possible”. But, below is a summary decision table depending on your architecture or application type and the server operating system you are targeting for your Docker containers. Take into account that if you are targeting Linux containers you will need Linux based Docker…


.NET, Cloud and Mobile Events in Argentina and Chile – Content

Last week (Sept. 19-22 2016) I delivered a similar event in Buenos Aires and in Santiago the Chile, afterwards. Here I post the agenda I delivered, a few pictures about it plus the decks I used about it. Morning Event – Developing microservices in the Cloud with .NET, Docker and Microsoft Azure Service Fabric Related…


Docker and Containers: Basic elements and taxonomy

I’m currently working on a Docker and Containerized applications related document and it happens that I just created the following explanatory figure. Since I got a few people asking about several related topics in Docker, it might be useful to publish this short blog post helping out folks starting with Docker. This diagram is just…