Publishing an existing Azure Mobile App service as PowerApps ‘IT Managed API’ (Using the sample apps)

  Intro to “PowerApps Enterprise” You may have heard of Microsoft PowerApps and ‘PowerApps Enterprise’. Its code-name was “Project Kratos” and part of it is deriving from the original “Project Siena”. But in PowerApps, the client PowerApps are cross-platform (iOS, Android and Windows) as they are internally based on Apache Cordova. However, “PowerApps Enterprise” is…


Azure Service Fabric and the Microservices Architecture – My new MSDN Magazine Article

  In the last weeks I wrote (with some great collaboration from Kunal Deep Singh and Vaclav Turecek) an MSDN magazine article that was published a few days ago, called Azure Service Fabric and the Microservices Architecture, in the December 2015 MSDNMag issue. Here’s a brief abstract: Microservices is a hot buzzword at the moment….


Automating Windows environments’ setup with Boxstarter and Chocolatey packages

Talking last week with Scott Hanselman he showed me in his laptop some cool stuff which is very useful for me as I usually need to re-install my machines pretty often due to the release of new betas and the fact that I prefer to start with clean machines whenever I can. And you know,…