Developing Apps for Office 2013 and SharePoint 2013

Starting this week, at the ‘SharePoint Conference 2012’, we have released new versions of the Microsoft Tools for developing Apps for SharePoint 2013 and Office 2013. This is a summary that I created about it. What are ‘apps’ for Office and SharePoint? Apps for Office and SharePoint are based on a new application model which…


Storyboarding “MY EVENTS” Modern App

You can quickly illustrate a new or modified application interface by using PowerPoint Storyboarding, which is available with Microsoft Visual Studio 2012. With this tool you can build a storyboard from a collection of pre-defined storyboard shapes and capture existing user interfaces. Also, you can customize the layouts of your web, client, or phone applications,…


Setting the sample ‘MY EVENTS’ modern application up & running

      Setting the ‘MY EVENTS’ demo app up and running This demo app (MY EVENTS) is the one we made and showed in the Visual Studio 2012 Launch keynote (Modern Apps keynote), in September 12th 2012: The main goal of this sample modern application is to provide a sample app where you can see…


Microsoft Platform Day – Developing LOB apps with Microsoft Platform (Milan June 13th, Madrid June 21st & Mexico city June 28th)

We are delivering the Microsoft Platform Day, “Developing LOB (Line Of Business) apps with the Microsoft Platform”, in Milan (Italy) on June 13th, Madrid (Spain) June 21st & Mexico city (Mexico) June 28th. Here I post a few pictures and also the URL to the presentations: Presentations:     Around 130 attendees in Madrid….


Creating several Entity Diagrams within a single Model in EF 5.0 and Visual Studio 2012

This feature is killer and it’s been waited for long time by any developer or company who use EF visual models with a lot of entities. Think about a model where you have hundreds of entities.., opening a single diagram with 200 entities doesn’t make sense and it is too slow and kind of unmanageable….


Coloring Entities with EF 5.0 RC and VS.2012 RC

In Visual Studio 2012 RC (the Release Candidate was released last week on May 31st 2012) and Entity Framework 5.0 RC, the Entity Designer surface of EF MODEL/DATABASE FIRST, now supports entity shape coloring. This is really nice to differentiate categories, like when you have several AGGREGATES within your MODEL, etc. Here is a sneak…


Creating a Windows 8 Release Preview Master VHD

You can install Windows 8 into a .VHD following a similar process (like this post I wrote) than when you install it on a raw hard drive, but if you want to have a clean master .vhd which is not related to any specific installation and machine name, and you want to re-use this master…


Entity Framework Code First DbContext and SQL Azure Connection Fault Handling

  I’ve been working migrating an App to Windows Azure and SQL Azure. This app is using Entity Framework 4.3 Code First and DbContext. One important point is related to the SQL Azure Conection Fault Handling. If you don’t know about this topic, you can read this explanatory info: Then, regarding a workaround when…


Domain Driven Design (DDD) & Visual Studio 11 Beta ALM, great fit!

  ALM Domain Driven Design (DDD) is especially suitable for creating long-term LOB Apps, but usually, DDD is presented as a very patterns & architecture related subject (topics like Bounded-Contexts, Domain-Models, patterns like Repository, Aggregate, Value-Object, etc.), like we actually did in our ‘DDD Patterns Guidance with .NET’, but those are not, in fact, the…


Installing Windows 8 Release Preview on a .VHD file from a bootable USB-Pen

** May 31st 2012 – UPDATE TO WINDOWS 8 RELEASE PREVIEW ** There are quite a few steps to do, so I’ll write it down for my records. Specifically, I have installed the Windows 8 Release Preview on a on a Samsung Slate Series 7 Tablet, but on a .VHD with native Boot: For more…