A few options for Windows Azure Storage Backup & Restore


I just wanted to record a few options I found for Windows Azure Storage backup-restore (I’m not talking about SQL Azure, in this case).

If you have any other option for this matter, please tell me and I’ll be happy to update this post.

1) Windows Azure Storage Tables backup and storage:



2) Windows Azure Storage Blobs backup and storage:



Comments (3)

  1. I just started a public opensource project for replicating all your blob containers to another storage account. github.com/…/WindowsAzure.Storage.Replicate. In case anyone is interested.

  2. Herve says:

    You also have Enzo Cloud Backup; the free community edition allows you to backup and restore Azure Tables. It uses advanced fetch strategies to backup Azure Tables.


  3. Dominik says:

    For anyone interested, we wrote our backup restore utility as well and released as a freeware because we couldn't find anything good enough:

    Azure Storage Synctool v0.1 (backup, restore, clone storage blobs, including a development storage):


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