Great Diagram about our DDD NLayered .NET 4.0 Architecture

Just wanted to share a great Architecture diagram made by Julio César Sanchez, who reviewed our Architecture and Sample app and at the same time elaborated this neat diagram. We really appreciate his time and details expressed in it:


Thanks a lot Julio Sanchez!! 🙂

(To get a high resolution copy, grab it from here

Just in case you’re not aware, here you have the links regarding our DDD NLayered .NET 4.0 Architecture & Sample-App, in case you are not aware:

Sample App published at CODEPLEX (OSS)

Architecture Guide/Book (eBook)

See more feed-back here:



Our High-level Architecture diagram:

Comments (2)

  1. Julio César says:


    There's a link at this thread where you can download the diagram or even the PowerPoint file if you wish.…/248944


    Julio César.

  2. Morteza Manavi says:

    This is awesome, thanks! Could you please put a high resolution image of this diagram for download? Right now the texts inside the sub-layers are not very readable 🙂

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