My Book: SOA Architecture with Microsoft technologies

Just to point out that I have just published a book written 50% with a friend of mine, Roberto Gonzalez, from Renacimiento (he is MVP in Biztalk).

César de la Torre (Architect Evangelist - Microsoft)
Roberto González (MVP Biztalk)

Editorial Krasis Press
ISBN: 978-84-935489-7-1

Take into account it is written in Spanish, as there are not so many technical books written in Spanish. You can take a look here:

Comments (3)

  1. ¡Olé César!

    Muchas felicidades para los dos.

    Fenómenos (espero que el libro me llegue a casa entre 1 y 2 semanas).


  2. Demy says:

    Cesaro, the book is really interesting… no chance to have an english version?

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