My 3rd day after joining Microsoft!!

So far, this is my first day after joining Microsoft!!

I've decided to create my own blog inside MSDN Blogs, so I'll stop blogging into my old blog which is:  It's a spanish blog, ok?. ;-). I'll keep it just for archive.

So!, I'm gonna try to post about technology news, every nice technical step I give, tips I can discover, etc. Everything will be technical, or about my professional life, nothing about 'my private life' ;-).

Also, just to keep it clear, every post I create will be a personal post, my personal point of view about experiences with different technologies. My blog it is not Microsoft's official information.

Let's have some fun now!! 🙂


Cesar de la Torre

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  1. ignacio_lopez says:

    Espero que en tu nueva etapa este tan llena de exitos como la antigua.

    Me habian llegado rumores respecto a tu salida de Rena, pero no me lo creía.

    Que rápido cambian las cosas en esta nuestra santa profesión.

    Un saludo, de un viejo amigo.

    Ignacio Lopez.

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