Old Man Spaith is out of ideas

I just checked out the blog and realized it's been ~1.5 months since the last post, which is lame.  I have a dilemna since I've run out of tricks/advice that I think are useful, for now at least.  I can either write nothing or do something random, like put up a picture of my dog, Daisy.  It never would've occurred to me to do this, even in desperation for posts, on what I think of as a work-blog until I checked out the main feed at blogs.msdn.com.  I was amazed at the number of personal, totally random, stuff up there.

My compromise is that I'll just link to pictures of Daisy rather than wasting bandwidth for people here for work.  So check out Daisy Spaith on my Toastmasters blog, www.mySpaith.com.  (I guess given MS investment in Facebook I should've named SpaithBook, but I put it up before that and mySpaith is better anyway.)

I wish I could say we had made CE networking technologies so easy and awesome for our developers that we could turn the CENet blog into the "dogs of the CE Networking team" site.  We know we're not there yet.  Please keep the questions coming in the newsgroups and we'll do our best to help.  Thanks for your continued support through the years.  I'll try to come up with better stuff so we can avoid the self-indulgent posts like this I promise.

-- Old Man Spaith (just turned 31, it's down hill from here)

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  1. Hi John,

    Please check our WM app in http://www.wizi.com . It using your wonderfull api! 🙂 Also can find position using CellTowers.

    See you soon,


  2. Chess says:

    How about something about using Sockets? Also I’d love to use Ruby on WinCE, will the DLR come to the WinCE platform?

  3. cenet says:

    Hey Chess –Not sure specifically what you’d want to know around sockets?  We’re mostly the same as desktop Windows, so articles/samples there (in general, not always!) should be good starting points for CE.  There are of course a lot more devs for desktop & hence more informatiot around it.  For specific questions, http://blogs.msdn.com/cenet/archive/2005/12/05/500181.aspx newsgroup list is a lot of times a better start.

    RE Ruby/DLR – the fact I had to look up what these meant shows that I’m a C hackers who doesn’t really know something like this :).  The .Net team has a blog at http://blogs.msdn.com/netcfteam/, also potentially the .Net newsgroup microsoft.public.dotnet.framework.compactframework.


  4. Barry says:


    I am looking for simple FTP client  for WCE600 which can periodically upload files

    to the server and be able to work with broken uploads. Is FTP server in WINCE600 catalog would work ?




  5. cenet says:

    The FTP server in the CE catalog only does server side stuff.  There’s no FTP client built into that, and no FTP client that ships out of the box with Platform Builder.

    Your options here I think are

    (1) see if there’s a 3rd party written already for general embedded

    (2) see if there’s some free source floating around that you could take & recompile.  Be careful with the licensing restriction of course 🙂 – I’m not a lawyer so you’re on your own there!!

    (3) write your own FTP client.  Assuming you just want a simple upload of a file and don’t care about user interface, this is probably best and shouldn’t be all that hard.  Wininet (available on embedded) has a set of API’s the abstract out all the details so you don’t have to do raw socket connection, sending raw strings back & forth, etc.  Check out FtpPutFile() as one of the API’s you’d need to make this work.


  6. Barry says:


    Thanks a lot.

    I will go for option (3). It will save me the money

    on lawyers 🙂 and will give me control.

       I need just a thread checking disk space and in the case

    of going below threshold on free disk space uploading files to the remote server.

       Is there a way to switch networks during FTP session if network became unavailable or I need simply discoonet close the handle and restablish a new session via available network LAN/WLAN or cellular.

    It seems that WinInet abstacts this from the user.




  7. cenet says:

    Is there a way to switch networks during FTP session if network became unavailable or I need simply discoonet close the handle and restablish a new session via available network LAN/WLAN or cellular.

    It seems that WinInet abstacts this from the user.

    I don’t know the nitty gritty on this one.  I’ll have to punt you off to a newsgroup (http://blogs.msdn.com/cenet/archive/2005/12/05/500181.aspx ), more people follow that than the "Old main spaith is out of ideas" thread so you’ll get better help there :).

  8. DanL says:

    John – How about adding Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) to the CE server (similar to desktop  —  http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa362708.aspx)

  9. cenet says:

    Hey Dan — we’ve looked into implementing this in the past, but there has never been enough demand.  To the best of my knowledge you’re maybe the 3rd person that has brought this up, at least to me personally.  Sorry I can’t help out here, but it’s not something we’re really tracking at this point.


  10. William Roe says:


    We are trying to find a clean way to enable and disable the Wireless Zero Config programmatically.  Everytime we think we have it, we find a way that does not work.  Perhaps, this might be a good topic for your blog.

    William H. Roe Jr., M.S., CISSP

    email: william.roe@hp.com

  11. cenet says:

    Good idea, William — I’ve forwarded it onto the wifi team for consideration.  John

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