Important WinCE KB article regarding Daylight Savings Time

Because I've been leading off a bunch of my more recent posts on obscure subjects with "Well, probably only 5 people care about this..." I'm afraid only 5 people are reading the blog now.  I hope not because this post is important.  If you're a Platform Builder customer you need to manually change some registry keys in order to get daylight savings dates to occur at the right time in the US as a result of the new change over dates.  You also need to have all the QFE's installed, though that hopefully goes without saying anyway. 

There's been a KB article up about this for some time - - but I'm not sure if even 5 people read those.  In particular check out "Replacement registry key information" for the version of CE OS you're running.

This is critical if you're relying on the CE daylight savings time auto-rollover feature, since it reads the time to roll over from the registry.  Any well behaved application should be reading these dates from the registry also, so anything else that relied on this would be affected by reg changes also.

MS is looking into rolling the .reg change into a QFE so it's picked up automatically, it wasn't back when the KB article was written because then we were following the old daylight savings dates and would have broken any device's rollover for the Oct 2006 instance.

[Author: John Spaith]

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