DCOM Demystified (kindof) on CE 6

As I hinted at here, in CE 6.0 we have removed DCOM remoting due to security concerns.  This is only the remoting portion.  There has been some confusion on this so I want to make it clear what this means.  You can still do interprocess communication on the same device if you include SYSGEN_DCOM in your CE6 images, since we're not as worried about security attacks on the same device given this is for embedded and the feature doesn't ship on WM5.

My blog here tries to define what we mean by different COM/DCOM terms.  So using this terminology, CE 6.0 supports "MiniCOM", "Standard COM", and "DCOM (out of proc only)".  "DCOM Remoting" is what was removed.  Since in the past DCOM covered both "DCOM (out of proc only)" AND "DCOM Remoting", clearly in this new world MS is going to be more careful in our phrasing.

There are rumors out there that we will add "DCOM Remoting" into the next side release of CE, as a feature pack, if you slip JSpaith a $20 he'll give it to you a floppy disk, etc etc etc...  I will say we're looking at doing that (other than the JSpaith bribe unfortunately :)) but can't comment any more about future releases.

[Author: John Spaith]

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  1. John Spaith explains what happened to DCOM in CE 6.0 – you may have noticed that DCOM (Remoting) is not

  2. Gord Ellis says:


    OPC is a large initiative in the industrial data communications space.  It is a set of standards based on DCOM, has been largely supported by Microsoft, and has had tremendous takeup in the marketplace.  Any Windows CE devices that implement OPC servers (I believe there are a good number) will no longer be able to function on CE 6.  What are the vendors of such products supposed to do?

    Thanks in advance,

    Gord Ellis

  3. cenet says:

    Gord – there are potential remoting (not OPC) options around Web Services or simple socket-based communication.  RE OPC/DCOM remoting in particular, we’ll have some more guidance about this in a few weeks I promise, I’ll blog it as soon as I can.


  4. Milan says:

    Is there any news on whether or not there will be something like a side release that will enable support for DCOM Remoting en CE 6.0?


  5. cenet says:

    No, I’m afraid there’s not anything that’s been officially announced.


  6. As I wrote here , in Windows CE 6.0 we removed DCOM remoting – that is the ability to create and host

  7. As I wrote here , in Windows CE 6.0 we removed DCOM remoting – that is the ability to create and host

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