What is Windows CE 5.01?

I believe in the documentation still in someplaces and inadvertently in this blog I mention CE 5.01.  This is the version of the OS that we shipped for Windows Mobile 5.  Basically we shipped CE 5.0 (the general embedded flavor) in June of 2004, but the Windows Mobile team still had a long list of features that they wanted from the CoreOS team.  So we spent many months focusing on this, making enough OS level changes that we justified having a minor version bump-up.

CE 5.01 is not something available to Platform Builder customers and isn't really doc'd on its own outside its existence as the core to WM5.

[Author: John Spaith]

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  1. PatriotB says:

    "CE 5.01 is not something available to Platform Builder customers and isn’t really doc’d on its own outside its existence as the core to WM5."

    So, if there were some other OEM out there who was building a competitor-to-Windows-Mobile PDA or phone based on CE 5.0, the availability of 5.01 only to Microsoft/Windows Mobile would be seen as slightly anticompetitive…

    Not that there’s necessarily any OEM out there in that situation or with those feelings, but still, this is the kind of thing that Microsoft needs to try to avoid in order to improve its image.

  2. Nino.Mobile says:

     Software / Hardware

    Microsoft releases Device Emulator 1.0 source.  Check out Barry’s post….

  3. cenet says:

    As far as the anti-competitive — the decision for a CE 5.01 was based on engineering realities, nothing anti-competitive.  I know you’ll take it with a grain of salt since this comes from an MS employee, but as I see things:

    * WinCE 5.01 is available to many OEMs who licencse it as Windows Mobile 5.

    * Building a fully functional Windows Mobile competitor using Platform Builder is hard (not impossible, but hard).  Platform Builder for instance does not have Pocket Office set of applications, the shell, etc…  People do build handheld embedded CE devices, but these tend to be for vertical markets where you wouldn’t care about apps as much.  Unfortunately WM5 competitors use Symbian, Linux, … and not other flavors of WinCE.

    * Pretty much all the features added by networking team for CE 5.01 (the only team I can speak for) are going to end up in CE 6.0.  See my blog about GPSID shipping in WM5 for an example.  We didn’t have the time or see the demand to retest/repackage/re-everything for a 5.0 general embedded.  Also with the exception of GPSID, our general embedded customers haven’t been pestering me at least about anything in CE 5.01 they really wanted.

    Hope this helps explain things.

    [John Spaith]

  4. Lyle Zumbach says:

    What about WMM QoS support that appears in Windows Mobile 5 AKU 3 ?

    Was that added somewhere by the CoreOS team or Windows Moble Team ?

    Is that in the CE 5.01 CoreOS ?



  5. cenet says:

    Lyle – I’m afraid I don’t know the answer to this so please ask about WMM QoS on a newsgroup (http://blogs.msdn.com/cenet/archive/2005/12/05/500181.aspx).

    [John Spaith]

  6. Jemini says:

    RIL is supported in Windows CE 5.01?

  7. cenet says:

    RIL is supported in Windows Mobile 5.0 (aka CE 5.01), and it will be also supported for OEMs in CE 6.0.  However, the headers and libraries needed to do RIL development are only available to OEMs.


  8. amvyas82 says:

    Can I add the GPSID of WM6.0 to WinCE 5.0 after certain customizations?Would that provide support of Microsoft GPS API support in WinCE also?

  9. cenet says:

    No, I’m afraid it’s not possible to add GPSID back to CE 5.0 due to licensing (and to some extent technical) reasons.  I’m sorry we’re not able to help you out with this scenario.


  10. gpsguy says:

    will  the device with this OS work if I install an SD WiFi card on my device?  I have a GPS with this OS.

  11. cenet says:

    I don’t know – the OS can handle multiple peripherals, but at least a few years ago I heard rumors of weird interactions with GPS & Wifi signals (at least if the chips weren’t placed in the right position in the hardware reletavite to each other).  I think the answer gets down to the device, the GPS maker, and the Wifi card maker as to whether it will work in practice.  If a web search for other people having problems doesn’t help, maybe try newsgroup microsoft.public.pocketpc and let the folks know which brand of the various hardware you’re using since that will make a big difference.


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