About David Kanz

I'm David Kanz. I've worked at Microsoft since October 19, 1987 - Yes, Black Monday. I initially worked on OS/2 Lan Manager. When the Windows For Workgroups team asked me to join them in 1993, they tried to entice me by talking about Thomas Fenwick's tiny kernel for handheld devices. I was sold. This was to become what we now call Windows CE. When it was announced that the Winpad, Pulsar and At Work FAX teams were being disbanded and rejoined to form what is now Windows CE, I joined as soon as I could.

I initially worked on the drivers team developing the PCMCIA system and helping with other driver issues. Then I switched to the networking team, where I own TAPI, Irda, some Winsock stuff and VoIP, among other things.


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