LSP installer code for Windows Mobile and Windows CE

Great news the installer code I've been describing on my blog is now available at codeplex.  Please note, codeplex is very new, and still has some issues.

I also expect to publish the lsp_helper library on which the Windows Mobile LSPs are based.

[Author: Igor Dvorkin]

Comments (2)

  1. Abhinav Rau says:

    Thanks for posting the installer code. I have question about the note you put in the readme.txt, specifically the part:

    “Note2: You can not use random GUIDs for installation. If you do, the LSP won’t work since the GUIDs don’t match the ones the LSPs themselves expect.  If

    you use random GUIDs some symptoms will be:

    Socket creation fails with WSASYSNOTREADY.  

    Your device becomes unbearably slow, since some threads go into a loop

    trying to create a socket. ”

    What GUIDs specifically are you talking about? The “ChainGuid” and the “LayeredProviderGuid” used in the DllRegisterServer()? But I thought we were supposed to change those and put in our own GUIDs?

    Can you please clarify this issue?



  2. cenet says:

    What I’m trying to say is the GUID used in the installer must be the same GUID used in your LSP.

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