Bugs in the CE sample LSP

I've spent the last few days looking at LSPs and have found
some errors in the sample.

These are:

1.      Passing
the wrong WSAPROTOCOLINFO to the next person in the chain:

        Symptom:  WSPSocket 
fails when layered over another LSP.

Fix: DCATALOG::FindNextProviderInChain needs to start by setting      *BaseProviderCatalogEntry=NULL

2.      Assuming  *lpErrno == 0:

       Symptom: ssl sockets
(created via SO_SECURE) stop working when layered over ssllsp

       Fix: WSPSelect needs
to start by setting *lpErrno=NO_ERROR.

3.      Installing

   I plan on publishing another post on this shortly.

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  1. Wannbe says:

    What “CE sample LSP” are you talking about?
    Is it in Platform Builder 5.0?

    If not, where should I go to download the “CE sample LSP”?


  2. Igor Dvorkin [MS] says:

    I’ve had several comments asking what sample I’m referring to. I’m referring to the sample in PB 5.0, under publiccommonsdksamplestsp.

  3. Yunhee says:

    The problem is that it is VERY HARD to get the PB5.0.

    My boss went through couple of route to reach to the PB5.0 setup.exe.

    And the example is EXACTLY same as the one in PB4.2.

    I expect that the PB5.0 has new example that works on WM5.0 and installer for the WM5.0.

    But, I couldn’t find it in the example.

    And, I can’t find any document that explains how to install an lsp in the WM5.0

    I have an lsp that works on WM2003, but I can’t install it on WM5.0.

    Please let me know if you have a working lsp example or document that explains about lsp installer in WM5.0

  4. CM says:

    I have seen an issue with the LSP installer sample, where the installer will spin, looping through RegEnumKeyEx infintely.

    Also, is there general information somewhere on when you would choose to build an LSP vs. an NDIS intermediate driver?  Specifically, which would be more suitable for an application which implements VPN-like functionality by re-routing all Winsock traffic through a secure tunnel?

  5. Harry says:

    we’ve got a problem with our lsp, likely due to installing incorrectly, since there are no examples of how to install correctly, and no formal documentation of how to install correctly.

    the symptoms are: sends and recvs from ie are not processed by our lsp.  we need them to be processed by our lsp.  that is the purpose of our lsp.

    where is a working example of how to install an lsp under ce?  

    platform builder + emulator is painfully slow, trial and error hacking from clues found on blogs and newsgroups has done nothing but waste hours of development time.  we need an actual solution to this issue, as does every other developer who is battling ce lsp problems.

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