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The CENet bloggers have received a number of requests for help for various Windows CE issues.  Most of those questions are considerably outside our area of expertise which means that unfortunately that we're not able to help.

We welcome questions and comments on blog posts that we make and also for suggestions regarding future blog posts.  For other technical support issues not relating to areas we've blogged about, your best bet is to check out, search the web, or visit one of the CE related newsgroups.  We have a very active newsgroup community which is pretty good at answering questions.

The newsgroups that I (JSpaith) personally follow are:


Added 12/5/05 PM - Please note that when you give us feedback in the blog, it will not display back to you on the web page because we've enabled moderation.  Due to some "quirks" in the blog hosting software, we don't get immediate notification of when someone gives us feedback which is why we may seem slow in responding to it sometimes.  We try to check every few days however.

Added 1/16/06 - If you have a Platform Builder 5.0 license, you get 2 free support requests.  Check out

[Author: John Spaith]

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  1. Andrew says:

    Many thanks for making yourself so available! Microsoft really has a good thing going with the community interaction you guys offer.

  2. cenet says:

    Andrew – thanks for the kind words, happy to help as much as we can.

    Someone asked a question regarding IOCTL_AG_OPEN_AUDIO and immediately asked a followup since it didn’t appear. I deleted the followup, but for some reason our blog software deleted both posts. Whoever posted is going to need to repost please. Thanks. [John Spaith]

  3. So you have a DLL that you’ve written for services.exe and it’s not loading?  The list below deal…

  4. praveen gowda says:

    Thanks cenet …..after editing the queue quota it worked…:)

  5. When I implemented GPSID to abstract out GPS hardware via a nice set of API’s, I thought when people

  6. So you have a DLL that you’ve written for services.exe and it’s not loading? The list below deal with

  7. Deepthi Rao says:


    I am trying to use msmq over http (or srmp) in a smart device application (.net cf 2.0 windows mobile 5.0 emulator).

    I am able to send messages from my emulator to desktop through http. But not able to do it the other way around-from the desktop to the emulator. I have verified the following :

    1.I have installed and started httpd (web server for windows ce), and http://localhost works on Pocket IE.

    2.I have cradled the emulator and connected it to the desktop via active sync

    3.Not able access the emulator from desk top : i tried http://emulator_name

    4.Even direct access to the emulator queue using

    @"FormatName:Direct=OS:WM_Administrat1Private$myqueue"  does not work.

    5.I have installed,registered and enabled msmq on the pocket pc. srmp has been enabled

    I am missing something here ? In the desktop version, we had to install a separate component that would enable http on msmq (this component created a vdir called msmq and all messages sent through http would get routed through this one.)Is there a similar component that needs to be installed for wm 5.0 /emulator ?

    Please do let me know-I am really stuck here.

    I am really grateful for your help !



  8. cenet says:

    Deepthi – please post this question to a newsgroup, it’s easier for other folks in the community to access.  As you can see, your initial msg unfortunately didn’t get published because we have to moderate the blog (to prevent SPAM) so newsgroups are much faster option.


  9. Kiruthika says:


    I am using Goahead webserver for wince embedded device.(wince 5.0)

    I have html forms which i put in /web folder.

    I added CGI interface in C.

    I  added getenv() function in my C code.

    I found that Wince doesn’t support Getenv()

    then how to retrieve the data from front end webpage and to connect to database.



  10. cenet says:

    You’re correct, CE doesn’t do getenv().  In fact this (along with limited # of processes) is why WinCE Web Server does not do CGI’s in the 1st place, but instead relies completely on ISAPI extensions.

    I’m afraid the best I can do on this one is to have you check out a newsgroup ( or probably better yet, talk with Goahead Web Server team about how the intend CE’s limitation to be worked around.


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