Windows CE Server components released for Windows Mobile!

There are a few popular (and extremely cool!) server components from Windows CE 5.0 that you can download and install on Windows Mobile 5.0: the Web Server, UPnP Device, UPnP Control Point, MSMQ and the PNRP service.

Since a large number of CE OS components are not shipped in Windows Mobile due to RAM and ROM constraints, I know several people have worked to get the web server running on Windows Mobile (PocketPC and Smartphone) devices in the past.  You'll be happy to know that these are the same OS features you know and love just on the Windows Mobile devices.    And you'll probably be even happier to know that you can download and redistribute them from this site:



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  1. Zigor says:

    Can these components (in particular, UPnP components) be used from C# .NET Compact Framework applications? If so, how???



  2. cenet says:

    We do not ship a C# wrapper for any of the server components, with the exception of MSMQ (which is the System.Messaging stuff.) So you would have to write your own C# wrappers to P/Invoke into UPnP or whatever you were interested in.

    [John Spaith]

  3. Ste Millington says:

    Is there an update to enable windows networking on WM5.0 smartphone? Or is it possible to use the platform builder to get the necessary dlls? Not having networking on a wi-fi enabled smartphone is a real pain

  4. cenet says:

    Ste – I thought WM5.0 smartphones did have wi-fi support in theory (I’m pretty sure PocketPC’s did). You should probably post at newsgroup microsoft.public.smartphone.developer since someone there will know more about this than I do.

    I’m afraid it’s not possible to drop Platform Builder components on WM devices. Sorry.

    John Spaith

  5. gsnik says:

    hi i was interested in implementing upnp on a microsoft windows mobile 5.0 smartphone. i wanted to write a file transfer application. could anyone please help me

  6. cenet says:

    gsnik — fyi not a lot of folks monitor this blog’s comments to my knowledge, so you probably will have better luck with a newsgroup ( lists some).  

    Also if you go to a newsgroup, you may want to clarify that you’re implementing a profile on top of UPNP and not implementing upnp itself (or I hope not :), I hope the MS one works well for you).


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