There is a LASS in my smartphone.

The Local Authentication SubSystem (LASS) is a new feature in Windows Mobile 5.0. This feature is available for  both PPC and SP. Using LASS, applications can force users to authenticate. The most interesting LASS API is VerifyUser.

To play with LASS set up a password and then try the following code snippet:

      #include <lass.h>
      #include <lass_ae.h>

      BOOL bRet = VerifyUser(&AE_EVERY_TIME, NULL,NULL,0,NULL);
      if (bRet) 
         MessageBox (hWnd,L"User Verified",NULL,MB_OK);
         MessageBox (hWnd,L"User Failed Verification",NULL,MB_OK);

I'll continue to discuss LASS in future blog entries.

[Author:Igor Dvorkin]

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